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Here is what some of our clients are saying

Dear Erwin, we cannot thank you enough for the incredible service you gave us during our application for Work Permits. We especially appreciated your efficiency and professionalism despite the challenges of COVID-19. Thanks to your support we have been able to realize our dream of moving to Canada!


The Du Toit family

We lost more than a year by doing our application ourselves, it was refused because we missed one document and we had to start from the beginning. We were devastated. Erwin came highly recommended to us by our church minister.

With Erwin and Ergo immigration we were accepted this time and our whole family is moving to Ontario as soon as Covid restrictions permit. Thank you and God bless you!


Marietta P.

We had no clue if we stood a chance for Canada, and we had absolutely no idea where to start.  We booked a consultation with Erwin when he was in Johannesburg and it was great. Erwin explained everything clearly and in a professional manner. We followed his advice, he applied for our work permits and it was approved. Many thank yous!


J.v.Rensburg family.

We retained Erwin at Ergo Immigration to file our immigration, we are tremendously grateful as we are not that young anymore and we did not want to take risks. He explains everything very well, always made time for us, quick follow-up on any question. We would probably never have been approved without professional help.

Highly recommending Ergo Immigration.


Philip D.

Dear Erwin, our initial consultation with you was incredibly insightful, it allows us to make an informed decision about immigrating to Canada. We are looking forward to continuing our immigration adventure with you.


Joana L.

Understanding our situation in South African and doing all the hard work for our work permits and study permits. With complications in our situation, we were never going to make it on our own. Erwin Gotthold is extremely helpful, I highly recommend Ergo Immigration Canada.


Jacques R.

Dear Erwin, Thank you again for all your expertise with our LMIA.

We are so thankful for the positive result!


Anne V.

After several refusals for my son's visa application, we had no idea how to take him with us to Canada. We were scared to lose our PR status but did not want to leave our 16-month-old boy behind in South Africa either. Erwin managed to get approval for our son, and we are now in Canada with our son! Cannot thank you enough.


The Botha family

I recommend Erwin to anybody wanting to immigrate to Canada. Erwin Gotthold's professional service made our Canadian dream come true. Baie Dankie!


Die van Wyks



So grateful to you Erwin and Ergo Immigration Canada!
Our story: We have PR status, and our children have no status because they was born in Namibia. We already applied with other immigration agents, every times our childrens visas was refused. We heard that Erwin specialise in this kind of case and contacted him for help. We had to provide many more documents this time, and after waiting a long 6 months our children were approved.  As parents we will always be grateful that our family was not separated. Thank you, Erwin, thank you!


Johanna E.



My children remained in the Cape with their mother when I immigrated to Canada. Conditions for my ex-wife changed and my children could no longer live with her. Erwin successfully applied for visas for my children to come to Canada immediately and to live with us while he started the sponsorship procedure.
Incredibly happy to have my children safely with me.


Stephanus B.



Being older is a big disadvantage when it comes to emigration. We looked at Australia and other places, but we were "too old". We spoke with Erwin and he explained what we had to do to live in Canada. He said that it would not be a walk in the park, and it wasn’t, but we made it, in many, many small steps, and we now live in beautiful BC. 


Len W.

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